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​Does your home, office or vacation rental need some attention?   Let's work together to let your place stand out!

It can be as simple as some accessory selections or we can work together to overhaul your tired space.  

  • Program Plan – I will consult with you to ascertain your goals and vision, visit the premises for measurements, hone in on style and lifestyle needs and prepare a plan for the space.

  • Budget – Together we will make an initial budget and decide where we will look for deals and where we will pay for quality.  Choices for each product will be given based on budget.  All purchases will be approved before ordering.  Professional designer accounts will be utilized as much as possible.  

  • Room Inspiration – You will assist me in the design process by searching the Internet for room inspiration and pinning those ideas into your Pinterest board.  

  • Room Design and Measurements – Storlie Design and Staging  will measure, brainstorm,  plan and design a space that fits your family’s needs based upon your preferences.  We will use online digital 3D rendering to visualize the space with furniture.

  • Color Choices and Recommendations – Color choices are key and we will follow best practice principles in order to make sure color choices fit your style and look

  • Room Layout – Before the plan is set, the room will be designed to utilize the space

  • Fixture, Furnishing and Accessory Sourcing – Items will be sourced specifically for your home and designed with your budget in mind.  

  • Installation – When all items have shipped and cosmetic changes have been finished, we will arrange those rooms and accessorize for a final, gorgeous space

Design and shopping services are per hour.  Looking for a mood board?  Check out my Stan Store for my eDesign products.  


My goal as your designer is to hone in on exactly what works for your family, lifestyle, personal style and passions, so that your environment supports you in every way.

Please call me so we can discuss what works best for your design needs!

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