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The best Amazon product for your bathroom redesign.

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I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you and invite you to check them out on my personal shopping page. Click on the link provided to browse through a curated selection of items that I truly believe you will love.  


335 Ronan Ave Gilroy
17481 Holiday Drive
1913 Cronwell Dr, San Jose, CA 95125
Vacant stage-  Morgan Hill
Vacant Stage San Jose, CA
moorepark 4
Kirkland SJ
Day Road- Occupied Partial Stage
Evening star46e265dfde1bfbd05924f47ea23a0d5l-m1952610907od-w1024_h76Evening star_x2
Sunnybrook Ct.
Grapevine Ct.
Valencia Way
San Luis
Rita Court, Sunnyvale
17350 Grand Prix Way, Morgan Hill
17097 Tassajara Cir
208 Belmont Ave
17202 Tassajara Cir
3284 Padilla way, San Jose, CA
2859 S. Bascom Ave. #306
Johnston Ave, San Jose, CA
Storlie Design and Staging

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